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October 2014
RGGI Budget Balance

Approx Project Balance

11-11-13: Process for Contractors Submitting Audit Applications on behalf of
customers in the NY HP Portal

Approved LED List

NYS Incentives Inquiries
Please include the following information:
1 - Contractor Name and/or Customer Name
2 - Address where Project was Completed
3 - Approximate Date of Project Completion
4 - If different from project address collect the address where check should be mailed (HEMI Customer Incentive Only)
5 - Incentives you are inquiring about
Email: nysincentiveinquiries@csgrp.com

HPwES Audit Reservation Number Info
Status, extensions or incentive amount questions call toll free 855-838-7818 or email: HPwES-Audit@csgrp.com

AHPwES Subsidy and HPwES Credit Applications

NEW Contractor Job Pipeline Report!
Reports shows list of projects that are in pipeline and haven't been completed. This also lists the HPwES Audit projects that are waiting for documentation as well.

TREAT DataChecks

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Home > Program Help > FAQ > Prog. Announcements > Reminders > App Support > Contact Info
2 Wall St ., Albany, NY 12205
Phone: 518-207-4500
Fax 1 : 518-207-4550
Fax 2 : 518-464-2660